If you would like to request a quotation without obligation, we will gladly make an offer for you.

Even if you are looking for a particular closure that is not listed on our website, we would like to invite you to send your application. In many cases we can still offer you a suitable solution.

Which information do we need?

MeasureTo answer your request as quickly and accurately as possible, we obviously need certain information from you. To help you on your way with your application, you will find below a number of topics that may be of interest.

If you are not sure about which information you should provide or prefer to just contact us by telephone, we will be happy to assist you.

Material and type

Specify the type of product and the desired material in which it has to be executed. For example; aluminium, steel or stainless steel.

Classification requirements

Dienen bepaalde producten geclassificeerd te zijn, laat ons dan weten welk classificatiebureau van toepassing is. Normaliter accepteren classificatiebureaus elkaars classificatie.


Of course you must specify the desired dimensions. State whether it is "Cut out", "Free passage" or "External" dimension.

Saling area

The sailing area partly determines the required strength, insulation etc.

Position on the ship

The position on the partly determines the required strength, protection etc.

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