Weathertight ship door

Weathertight ship door lightweight


  • Lightweight
  • Aluminium frame
  • Aluminium or GRP leaf
  • Insulated
  • Custom sizes


Approvals on request

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These lightweight aluminium doors are one of our most versatile doors.

Through the use of an aluminium or GRP sandwich panel they are lightweight but still strong, good weather resistant and smooth to operate. The sandwich panel also makes these doors insulated.

The hinges and the mortise lock with cylinder are made of polished stainless steel 316 and of very high quality.

Equipped with the optional two or four dogs and one or two windows makes this door an ideal wheelhouse door. Also very suitable as an accommodation or interior door.

In addition to the conventional rectangular shape, this door can also be supplied in other forms, for example, trapezium.

  • Pictures

    Weathertight lichtweight ship door with round window and dogs
    Weathertight lichtweight ship door mortise lock
    Weathertight lichtweight ship door dog handle
    Weathertight lichtweight ship door front
    Weathertight lichtweight ship door dog inside
    Weathertight lichtweight ship door installed as wheelhouse door
  • Dimensions

    This product is supplied to customer dimensions.

    General specifications

    Frame materialExtruded aluminium
    Door leaf materialAluminium or GRP sandwich panel
    Mortise lockPolished stainless steel 316
    Dogs"Easy roll", individual operated
    HingesSS 316
    IsolationYes, sandwich paneel


    Customer dimensions
    Extra dogs
    Yacht quality coating
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