Flush watertight ship hatch
for yachts

Flush watertight ship hatch for yachts


  • Superyacht quality
  • Aluminium, steel or stainless steel
  • Custom sizes
  • Full insulation
  • All SS 316 closing mechanism


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These hatches are made up to Super Yacht quality standards.

All hatches are custom made and to customer specified dimensions. Type approved up to 900x900mm for aluminium and steel. For bigger dimensions or stainless steel, additional classification can be offered.

All closing and locking mechanisms are made out of high quality polished stainless steel 316. Besides the standard flush version, a version with raised hinges and central lockin key entrance, for teak covering can be offered as well.

  • Pictures

    Watertight yacht hatch top
    Watertight yacht hatch bottom
    Watertight yacht hatch angle
    Watertight yacht hatch hinge
    Watertight yacht hatch star lock
    Watertight yacht hatch dog
    Watertight yacht hatch locking handle inside
    Watertight yacht hatch gutter and drain
  • Dimensions

    This product is supplied to customer dimensions.

    General specifications

    MaterialAluminium, steel or stainless steel
    Closing mechanismPolished stainless steel 316
    Dogs"Easy roll", central closed
    Gas springsYes, stainless steel 316
    GutterYes, with drainage
    ClassificationRINA, up to 900x900mm


    Raised hinges and lock for teak covering
    Concealed hinges
    Customer dimensions
    Yacht quality coating
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