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Orièl supplies a wide range of aluminium ship windows.

Aluminium ship windows or, rather, ship windows with an aluminium profile, offer many advantages. For example, aluminium is a strong material, which has widely proven it'strength and will stand the test of time. Aluminum is also light in weight and corrosion resistant with the correct treatment.

Aluminium ship windows can be mounted in different ways:

Screw mounting

Here the aluminium profile is mounted on the ship's side by the use of screws.

The advantage of this is that the profiles can be made lighter, narrower and with a smaller radius because no inner profile has to be placed. This makes these windows also cheaper to purchase.

The disadvantage, however, is that the screws are visible on the outside, the ship's wall has to be drilled for the fastening and the inside must always be finished.

Clamp mounting

In most cases, our aluminium ship's windows are equipped with a clamping profile. The windows are then fixed by clamp mounting. The window is executed with an extra profile that is attached to the inside of the window. The ship's wall is hereby clamped between these two profiles.

The advantage of a clamping profile is that no bolts are visible on the outside and it is therefore esthetically a smooth and tight profile. The window is also clamped all around, which reduces the risk of leakage. Because there is also a profile on the inside, it is not always necessary to finish the inside (the interior).

Thermal insulated

Aluminium ship windows always had one major disadvantage and that was condensation on colder days. Because aluminium is a very good heat conductor, the entire profile becomes cold due to the lower outside temperature. However, the interior of the ship has a higher temperature. The moisture in the air then condenses on the colder aluminium profile with water drops as a result.

In recent years, however, the development of aluminium ship windows has not stood still and a solution has been found. The solution to the condensation problem is found in a thermally interrupted profile. Simply said, the outside of the aluminium profile is separated from the inside by thermal insulation. As a result, the inside of the profile keeps the temperature of the interior and is not cooled by the colder temperature outside. In combination with insulating glass, this results in a condensation-free window.

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