Welding window

Welding window hinged


  • High quality
  • Custom dimensions and shapes
  • Multiple glass options
  • Short delivery times



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Besides the standard dimensions, these windows can also be supplied in any custom dimension and shape.

Also, the combination of different types of windows in one frame is possible, for instance; partly fixed, partly hinged.

  • Pictures

    Schip window bolted hinged
    Ship welding window hinged
    Ship welding window hinged dimmensions
  • Dimensions

    (Clear light)
    1300 x 425 mm
    2350 x 500 mm
    3400 x 560 mm
    4450 x 630 mm
    5500 x 710 mm
    This product can also be supplied to customer dimensions.

    General specifications

    Frame materialSteell St37
    Glass retainerSS316 or brass


    Aluminium or SS frame instead of steel
    Mounting by bolts instead of welding
    Tinted, laminated or heated glass
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Window Steel Aluminium Seagoing Inland shipping 

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