About Orièl

Orièl suplies marine closures in the broadest sense of the word.

We deliver products from ship windows to aerators. Our products can be found on a large variety of vessels, such as work vessels, inland vessels, fishing boats, offshore vessels and yachts.

Our goal is to offer you a suitable product which meets your wishes. Our wide product range forms an excellent base to that end. 

We communicate in a clear and direct way, and we have a no nonsense mentality. If something can't be done, we will tell you straight away. If we promise you to do something, we will.

Why Orièl

  • Specialized in marine closures
  • Wide product range
  • Competitive pricing
  • Short delivery times
  • Clear communication
  • Involved
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Our partners

Orièl represents some manufacturers as their agent in the Benelux. For example, we offer an extensive range of doors and hatches from Bofor Marine Products for luxury yacht building. 

Bofor Marine Products supplies closures for luxury yacht building since 1988. All products are still made entirely by their own craftsmen today and meet the highest quality standards.

Contact us or send us your enquiry

We are happy to assist you and discuss the products and services we can offer.