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Harlingen 2018

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Orièl is exhibiting at the Tall Ship Races Harlingen 2018. This year Harlingen is the finish, but what are the Tall Ship Races? We will explain more about it in this article.

The Tall Ships Races have been annual events since 1956 in which numerous tall ships from all over the world take part. The event is intended to introduce young people under the age of 25 to the sea and sailing on traditional ships. Most of the crew is therefore between 15 and 25 years old.

Started in 1956

Participating ships at the Tall Ship RacesIn 1956 Bernard Morgan, who was a lawyer from London, organized the first race between 20 ships. The race started in Torquay (UK) and finished in Lisbon (PT). The public interest turned out to be so overwhelming that the organizers set up the Sail Training International Association which would organize similar races in the following years.


To introduce young people to racing traditional ships, people between 15 and 25 can sign up to become a crew member on one of the participating ships. They, therefore, have to find a sponsor. most of the time this will be a local company that is willing to support them. They participating in coaching classes to obtain presentation skills to that they will need to convince a potential sponsor to support them. These and other skills they will learn before and during the races will prove important lessons for they're upcoming professional lives.

Route 2018Tall Ships Races route 2018

This year's race will start in Sunderland (UK). From there the ships will race to Esbjerg (DK) as there first stop. From there the ships will move up north on to Stavanger (NO) as their second stop. The last stage will go south to the finish in Harlingen (NL).

Finish in Harlingen

As said the finish will be in Harlingen the Netherlands. Harlingen is one of the oldest Dutch seaports and has been a host for the Tall Ships Races of 2014. The ships will arrive in Harlingen at the 3th of August and Harlingen will host a lot of maritime activities from the finish on Friday until Monday the 6th.

Orièl is very excited to participate in this great event and we're looking forward to meeting you there.

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